About Us

ecco ride yellow school buses

Ecco Ride is a consortium of independently owned and operated bus and motorcoach companies.  These companies include industry leaders that have years of experience in the School Bus and Highway Motorcoach Industries, including, but not limited to Joe Kobussen of Kobussen Bus in Wisconsin and Birnie Bus in New York to name a few.  These are family run companies with histories dating back over 75 years.  On their own, our independent companies are successful in their own locations.  However, by working together we have brought the best of the best together to create ECCO RIDE, to bring YOU a NEW direction in Transportation.

Due to our size and experience, we can provide the safest forms of ground transportation options throughout North America, at a cost that will work with your budget.  Our staff has had experience in everything from Specialize Parking Shuttle Operations, to school bus operations for local school districts, to establishing long distance intercity scheduled route to working at the 2010 Winter Olympics shuttle program.  This combined experience can be put in place for your special event, parking shuttle programs, or School Bus Systems.  We may be large, but the bottom line is our commitment to always provide the same family run service that each company currently gives to all of our customers.

Since Ecco Ride is made up of independently owned and operated carriers, you are working with people from your local area or state.  It’s this localized ownership that makes it easy for you to contact all levels of management, and it’s the localized ownership and local employee involvement that creates pride in the services we provide.

We look forward to being of service to your organization.  Contact the regional office in your area to see how Ecco Ride IS the New Direction in Transportation!!